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The article's unique id in the Third Iron system

typestringhas the value "articles"No
titlestringThe article's titleYes

The date of the article

authorsstringThe authors of the articleYes
inPressbooleanTrue when the article is not yet assigned to a regularly published issue and is considered an "Article in Press". False when it is in a regularly published issueNo
doistringThe DOI of the given recordNo
ILLURLURLFor libraries who have configured an ILL system, this property will be available and could be used to provide a path for fulfillment should no fullTextFile or contentLocation URLs be availableYes
pmidstringFor articles that have a PMID value it will be provided hereYes
openAccessbooleanTrue if the article is open access via the publisher and False if it is not. links corresponding to this article which have an openAccess value of "True" will not include any institutional authentication.YesNo
fullTextFileURLOn articles where LibKey is aware of a path directly to the PDF file, this property will be availableYes
contentLocationURLOn articles where LibKey is aware of a path to the web page where the article is available, this property will be available.  This can include non-publisher sources such as aggregators and repositories.Yes
availableThroughBrowZinebooleanTrue when the article is available within Browzine at the specified libraryNo
startPagestringThe page the article starts onYes
endPagestringThe page the article ends onYes
browzineWebLinkURLOn titles that are BrowZine enabled, this property will be present and will link to the article in the context of its issue (or articles in press list as appropriate) on browzine.comNo