PICO Portal


PICO Portal is a US-based and internationally deployed systematic review tool powered by a leading-edge machine learning and natural language processing engine, enabling researchers to perform reviews more quickly, thoroughly and accurately than ever. From its inception in September 2020, PICO Portal’s mission has been to transform research findings into decision-ready evidence with ease.

PICO Portal offers a state-of-the-art evidence synthesis platform with modern user interface, mobile support and a flexible workflow that intelligently automates tasks such as deduplication, identifying non-RCT articles and highlighting keywords. PICO Portal also offers LibKey integration.

Conducting a systematic review can be a significant, time-consuming undertaking, often involving multiple researchers and thousands of citations. LibKey’s integration with PICO Portal delivers one-click linking to PDF articles from citation records users have imported into their PICO Portal libraries, getting researchers directly to content with LibKey, with no delays or confusion, tremendously improving the systematic review process.


LibKey integration in PICO Portal is available for any library who is a current Third Iron customer. Integration is automatic and set-up directly between Third Iron and PICO Portal. For questions about this integration, contact PICO Portal or see the PICO Portal User Guide.