LibKey Link Advanced Linking Routes

There are two main configuration options for LibKey Link which may be applicable in different situations:

Format Chooser (Default) This option presents the users with multiple format choices when available as well as additional features like viewing the article in context in BrowZine, help options as well as the ability to specify a preferred format.

GoToFullText (Optional) This option enables a one-click-to-content experience for users preferring a PDF link, but also linking to Article Link when a PDF link is not available. If none are available, LibKey Link will automatically forward the user to their link resolver where other options may be available such as ILL/Document delivery.

PDF Express (Optional)

This mode is the “original” version of LibKey Link released in 2020 and only works similarly to GoToFullText but *only* activates if a PDF copy is available. Thus, the advantage of GoToFullText is its ability to “waterfall” to the Article Link if a PDF is not available but LibKey still knows how to build a link. This mode is generally not configured but simply detailed here for legacy reasons.

Article Link Express (Optional)

A variation on “PDF Express” except for the “Article Link”. That is, LibKey Link will automatically forward the user to an “Article Link” (the page where the article is located on the publisher/aggregator’s site) in a single click. This option can be useful in direct to PDF is not desirable for a given use case.


Can't Decide?  Or would prefer to utilize certain routings for certain databases?

No problem! While the default configuration is for GoToFullText and we can globally setup your account to do any mode, the library is in complete control to "override" these global defaults with an advanced linking mechanism!


To do so, add the additional appropriate parameter to your LibKey Link when adding it to the configuration within your favorite databases:

Regular LibKey Link Example{LibraryID}/openurl{LibraryID}/pmid/


Override for GoToFullText:{LibraryID}/gotofulltext/openurl{LibraryID}/gotofulltext/pmid/

Override for Format Chooser:{LibraryID}/formatchooser/openurl{LibraryID}/formatchooser/pmid/

Override for PDF Express:{LibraryID}/pdfexpress/openurl{LibraryID}/pdfexpress/pmid/


Override for Article Link Express:{LibraryID}/articlelinkexpress/openurl{LibraryID}/articlelinkexpress/pmid/