Third Iron Technical Documentation

The Third Iron API Suite is intended for advanced users who are interested in harnessing the power of the LibKey and BrowZine ecosystems to utilize their functions within their own applications. These are the same suite of services that are used in numerous commercial discovery systems and which are commonly used to enhance Bento Box search systems, ILL services, Email alerting functionality, Reading List systems and more!

If you are a developer please reach out to our team at to request an API Key and to speak with our team about your project.

API Documentation

  • Third Iron API Overview

    • General Information about the API including authentication information. 

    • LibKey API 

      • Article DOI/PMID Lookup Endpoint for "How do I discover the link to a specific article in BrowZine by DOI or PMID?" or "What is the PDF URL to this article?" and "What is the cover art for the journal associated with this article?"

      • Library List Endpoint for “How do I get a real-time list of all LibKey libraries along with their Library ID’s?”

    • BrowZine API

    • Third Iron Data Service API (Premium Add-on Service with a separate subscription cost)

LibKey Linking Syntax Guides

Platform-Specific Integration Information