Article DOI Lookup Endpoint (LibKey)

The LibKey Article DOI Lookup Endpoint allows your application to determine whether an article is available at, and information about the article to produce a LibKey Direct PDF Link as well as produce a link to the article within the context of the issue in BrowZine at your library.

Submit a GET request against this endpoint with a DOI and your application will get a response indicating if that article can be found in the designated library within BrowZine/LibKey.  If the DOI matches the DOI of an article in the Third Iron system, the response will contain an "Article Result" JSON object with metadata about the article reference by the specified DOI.

Third Iron Journal Availability Request:

Supported Methods
Endpoint Location

Endpoint Parameters

:library_idReplace the :library_id portion of the endpoint path with the id # of your library

Replace :article_doi with the DOI of an article. Only one DOI can be supplied. (DOI value does not need to be URI encoded)

Optional Includes
?include=journalAdding this include to your request will cause the response to include information about the journal that the DOI is located within.  This includes the name of the journal, ISSN, SJR Value, Cover Image URL, BrowZine Enabled Status and the Link to the Journal (more details below including example response)

LibKey Article DOI Lookup Response:

The LibKey Article DOI Lookup endpoint responds with a JSON object if the article is found in the LibKey system at all.  If it is found, this indicates that LibKey recognizes this article DOI.  The accompanying metadata then will indicate if it is "availableThroughBrowZine" for the given library.  If it is, additional metadata about the article, including the browzineWebLink is provided.   The structure of the response overall is described in the following tables.

Response Object:

An Article Result object is returned if the DOI is recognized by the LibKey Article DOI Lookup Endpoint

Article Result:

An article result represents an article that the LibKey system is aware of.  Responses from the "DOI lookup" endpoint then describe articles that have DOI's that LibKey is aware of but are not in the specified BrowZine Library (:library_id) as well as articles that are within that library.  A response indicates whether the article referenced by a DOI is available at the specified library by setting the article result's "availableThroughBrowZine" property to true when the article is available at the library, and false when it is not.

The full list of properties that may appear on a journal result are described in detail in the table below:


The article's unique id in the Third Iron system

typestringhas the value "articles"No
titlestringThe article's titleYes

The date of the article

authorsstringThe authors of the articleYes
inPressbooleanTrue when the article is not yet assigned to a regularly published issue and is considered an "Article in Press". False when it is in a regularly published issueNo
doistringThe DOI of the given recordNo
ILLURLURLFor libraries who have configured an ILL system, this property will be available and could be used to provide a path for fulfillment should no fullTextFile or contentLocation URLs be availableYes
pmidstringFor articles that have a PMID value it will be provided hereYes
fullTextFileURLOn articles where LibKey is aware of a path directly to the PDF file, this property will be availableYes
contentLocationURLOn articles where LibKey is aware of a path to the web page where the article is available, this property will be available.  This can include non-publisher sources such as aggregators and repositories.Yes
availableThroughBrowZinebooleanTrue when the article is available within Browzine at the specified libraryNo
startPagestringThe page the article starts onYes
endPagestringThe page the article ends onYes
browzineWebLinkURLOn titles that are BrowZine enabled, this property will be present and will link to the article in the context of its issue (or articles in press list as appropriate) on browzine.comNo

If you utilize the optional ?include=journal parameter, you will also receive journal information.  The list of properties appearing when this is done is included below:


The journals's unique id in the Browzine system

typestringhas the value "journals"No
titlestringThe journals's titleNo
issnstringThe ISSN value of the journalNo
sjrValuenumberThe SJR (Scimago Journal Rank) value of the journalNo
coverImageUrlURLThe link to the cover imageNo
browzineEnabledbooleanTrue when the journal is available within Browzine at the specified libraryNo
browzineWebLinkURLOn titles that are browzine enabled, this property will be present and will link to the most current issue of the journal available to this libraryYes
Example Request, no include:

Example Response, no include:
Example Request, with ?include=journal

Example Response, with ?include=journal